Drag Brunch at the Old Compton Brasserie – Soho

As bottomless brunches continue to be all the rage and can be found tucked away all over London with any cuisine you fancy, be it Fried Chicken, Mexican or Chinese, if you want a completely new bottomless brunch experience without having to leave Central London, the Old Compton Brasserie has one for you.
For only £20 pp the Old Compton Brasserie offers 1.5 hours of limitless prosecco or brunch cocktail jugs, including a bacon garnished ‘Bloody Spicy Bloody Mary’, and ‘Smashed Grapes’, which is a combination of vodka, Vermouth, St Germain, grapes and prosecco. To make the experience event more exciting (though a bacon garnished cocktail is pretty close to the peak of excitement), The Old Compton Brasserie offers a series of drag brunches and we were lucky enough to be able to attend one.
Drag Brunch
The brunches run from 12pm until 4pm and the entire experience is exactly what you’d expect and more, with two fashionable drag queens entertaining the guests by singing some of our favourite classics, several impressive outfit changes and a number of raunchy jokes. In addition to taking an occasional selfie with the guests. It already seems as though the drag brunch has gotten a name for itself as by 1pm the venue was very full, giving the acts the audience they deserved.
The food is outstanding, offering a large number of vegan dishes alongside their meaty friends. Classics such as beef tartar and chicken liver parfait are available, as well as new but equally worth mentioning dishes such as crushed green, which is avocado and green pea mash with mixed seeds and tahini on toast (and is a lot more filling than it sounds!), and chilli hummus wrap with charred vegetables and avocado,
Drag Brunch
The location is great, and once the Old Compton Brasserie unleashes you into the world after 1.5 hours of bottomless drinking there are many historic attractions close by you can suddenly feel drawn to, though you’re most probably a Londoner and have long stopped caring about the cultural significance Nelsons Column or the National Gallery bring, suddenly the Old Compton Brasserie has given you a fresh pair of eyes and these historic monuments are more than just that area where you wish tourists walked faster. Additionally, if you’re up for a walk to the river the Namco Arcade is a great post-bottomless brunch stopping point.
All in all, it’s an excellent place to start your Saturday, and so far the next drag brunches that are scheduled to be running are on the 26th October and 30th November.
If you’re interested in booking head to their site now:

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